The Book A Wrinkle In Time

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“Believing takes practice”- Wrinkle in Time. This quote is powerful because it is hard to trust something that is not understandable. It takes time and effort to believe. A “Wrinkle in Time” is about a girl named Meg who goes on an adventure where she is transported through time and space. With her younger brother, “Charles Wallace” and friend, “Calvin O’keefe”, they travel to Camazotz to save her father from the forces of evil. Of course with the help of three ladies, Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit , and Mrs. Which who tesser and guide Meg through her journey in space to conquer the evil. I found the book was more powerful than the movie. Firstly, in the book you can imagine the story and characters the way you want to. Secondly, the book includes far more details than the movie that deeply develops the characters. Lastly, the movie did not include favored parts that were in the book. The book showed its full potential.
First, the book was better than the movie because you can visualize the events and characters the way you prefer. In “A Wrinkle in Time” book the author states, “Coming toward them, moving in silence across the brown grass, were three figures.” (Wrinkle in Time, chapter 10, page 5). As in the movie, this event never happens, so it is hard to visualize the figures from the book because they are not in the movie. This proves my statement because people are enabled to evision certain events in books. You are free to create detail or a mental image of what the
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