The Book Of Genesis: The First Story Of Creation

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First Story of Creation
Chapter 1 of the Book of Genesis can be viewed as a day-by-day account of the First Story of Creation. Although the Bible made use of the term “days” to clearly specify the period wherein God created the universe, it would be quite unfathomable to believe that the universe was literally created in six days. The Story of Creation itself contradicts itself with the sequence of when what was made (for example, night and day and vegetation came before the Sun and the Moon did). The problems in the sequence are questionable along with its duration. The seven-day span in the story of creation where we now base how we measure a week and was most probably originated by way of allegory. The basis of our week at present follows the seven-day span that was used in the first chapter of Genesis with one day being a “rest day”. The Story of Creation could basically be an allegory to instill a regulation of conduct. In a way, our week can almost follow some sort of pattern, with six days of work (creating and constructing) and one day of rest (a Holy day/day for the Lord). But then again, the short duration was perhaps only used as a form of hyperbole to display God’s power and transcendence. Similar to the first verse of chapter 1, “In the beginning...” is yet another indicator of God’s basic importance which is His preexistence. Likewise, the details of “the beginning” where God created night and day, the sky and the earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars, the
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