The Book Of Mormon Analysis

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Among the 15 million practicing Mormons, there are nearly 100,000 missionaries. Due to the recent stigmatization, Latter Day Saints are not as forthcoming about their faith. That being said, when asked they are more than willing to answer any questions. Missionaries around the world are working to spread the message of God through the Book of Mormon in hopes of baptizing more members and combatting the stereotypes that now surround the faith.
One way that Mormons are making themselves known to the public is through the musical, The Book of Mormon. The musical provides a radical, satire on the Church of the Latter Day Saints. That being said, it would seem contradictory to think that this musical could help promote Mormonism. However, missionaries
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Street contacting is when missionaries stand out on sidewalks in large cities in an attempt to hand out the Book of Mormon to passerby’s. The purpose of street contacting is not immediate conversion, but rather exposure and non-pressured question and answer. While personal selling is widely recognized for its success, for the Latter Day Saints it is highly ineffective. Oftentimes missionaries would only be able to hand out a few scriptures over a span of several hours. One thing missionaries found effective was street contacting outside of The Book of Mormon musical. Many people excitedly asked missionaries questions about Mormonism, the church, their beliefs, and many other topics surrounding the Church of the Latter Day Saints. Members of the audience even took pictures with the missionaries that talked to them. The audience was interested in the truth behind the musical they were about to…show more content…
Because of this means of communication like are very effective ways for younger generations to learn more about the Mormon faith. This website allows anyone to log on, provide minimal information, and begin a no pressure dialogue about Mormonism. Many of our group members used this website as a tool for learning more about the religion for this project. We all agree that the people we talked to were more than helpful and eager to share their knowledge about their faith. This website is a great resource for people that don’t have time to go out to a Mormon church or read the Book of Mormon to learn more about the religion. It allows them to learn from the comfort of their own
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