The Book Of Revelation Fahrenheit 451 Analysis

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“Ecclesiastes presents a naturalistic vision of life, one that sees life through distinctively human eyes, but ultimately recognizes the rule and reign of God in the world,” according to Chuck Swindoll. The book of Revelation emphasizes that Christ will return someday to establish his kingdom of justice, and righteousness, and make all the wrong happening stop. Ray Bradbury emphasizes these books from the bible to demonstrate how Montag’s remembrance of the books is used to travel through the world in hopes to use that knowledge to change the world’s interpretation on what books do to a person’s thoughts. Because the terminology of Ecclesiastes is assembling or to gather from one person in life, and the meaning of Revelation is uncovering…show more content…
Montag stole a book; the Book of Ecclesiastes. He explains this to Faber because he wants Faber to understand how passionate he has become for wanting to learn and use books. Montag’s love for reading gradually grows more and more because he is beginning to actually read them. That is another reason why the book of Ecclesiastes is so important because it is the first one he actually begins to read. Montag feels a power source from the books he is reading that energizes his feeling of gaining more knowledge from them. “Read these quotes and fall in love again with the Word of God.” This quote was stated by to give a sense of how the bible can reflect one's emotions of life and God into a happy form. When Montag reads this book he not only understands what is being stated in the book, he also enjoys it. Montag becomes hungry for more words, sentences, paragraphs, and life. Reading the words of God gives Montag the realization of how harsh the world is without these books present. Giving another example of why these books are important, and emphasized throughout the book. Ray Bradbury is emphasizing them because he wants readers to know that the Bible gave Montag a need and want for a larger knowledge expansion. In the novel Fahrenheit 451 on page 62 Beatty states, “I’ve had to read a few books in my time, to know what I was about, and…show more content…
Quotes mentioned from Revelation and Ecclesiastes in this text, display reasoning Montag went through on his journey throughout the novel. Page 164 of Fahrenheit 451 mentions, “Now there was a long morning’s walk until noon, and if the men were silent it was because there was everything to think about and much to remember.” The men had to remember what they would present to the world to change everyone’s perspective. For Montag this was Ecclesiastes that he had to remember. Ecclesiastes changed Montag’s mindset on stories, making him strive with them rather than without. This is why the mentioning of those two pieces during the story was so important because they were the reason Montag followed the path he did. Montag starting reading with those books, so those were the ones he remembered and could bring to help produce modification to society. Montag chose books over normal making him go along the path God chose for him in the first place. Revelation and Ecclesiastes gave him the motivation to follow this route and generate the thought that he and the other men will be the ones to give knowledge back to people; knowledge of books. This proves why
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