The Book Thief: An Analysis

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Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief paints a brilliant picture of a young girl’s life in Hitler’s Germany. Liesel experienced the normal aspects of childhood: friendship, competition, loyalty, mischief. She also, however, encountered numerous ordeals that a child should not have to undergo. Liesel’s story is very unique, but I find it easy to connect with her. In my childhood and in my life now, I have had many experiences similar to those Liesel faced. Liesel and Rudy were two kids living on Himmel Street, and they were inseparable. The two spent most of their time racing to school, playing soccer, causing mischief, or running all around town. I feel a deep connection with their dynamic. From the time I could talk, my best friend was my…show more content…
Death has watched humanity from its conception; he has seen them accomplish great acts of good and great acts of evil. When Death meets Liesel for the last time, the time of her death, he says to her, “I am haunted by humans.” Death always either overestimates or underestimates the human race, and he is always surprised by its brilliance and devastation. I was able to connect with this quote after thinking about it. I have been alive for almost seventeen years, and in my life there have been so many tragedies. The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. The recent Sandy Hook shooting in New Jersey. The everyday harassment and killings of human beings because of their beliefs, what they look like, or even for where they were born. I, too, am haunted by humans. I read about the killings, accidents, and massacres, and yet I believe that humans are good. Every day, I experience a kindness. Every day, I can see the good in people, and I can see the love that exists in the world. I am stunned by the contradiction that is human existence. Death wants to know how the same thing can be so ugly and so glorious; I want to know as
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