The Book Thief Rhetorical Analysis

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The Book Thief was one of my favorite books that I have read so far, the author, Markus Zusak used imagery and used foreshadowing to prepare the reader for more important events.The author switches from the first person and third person point of view and how it gave you different perspectives.In the book, there's a sad tone and some humor in the book as well. The author uses flashbacks to inform the reader of previous events.The author used the first person because he wanted to switch from character to character and to make the story more interesting.He uses symbolism in the novel and he did that, it made the story more entertaining and unique. In the book the main character is Liesel, her brother died and she was sent to her new home with her foster parents in Germany.The story took place in World war ll and the Jewish were getting killed by the Nazi army.One day a Jewish man came and took shelter in her parent's basement.She needed to keep the Jewish man a secret or he would get killed.She found love for books and use them for comfort and she gets the name the book thief because she took books that she found from anywhere.The author uses diction to create tone.In the novel, there's a lot of imagery that set the mood for the novel and creates an
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