The Book Thief Analysis

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“Life goes on even in the toughest situations.” This is a very developed theme in The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Pieces of evidence to prove this theme are displayed throughout the book. This theme is very simple but is very prominent in this book. This theme is basically saying: even though bad things happen life doesn’t simply just stop. Liesel has a hard life, and moving in with new parents, the death of her brother, and unforgettable punishments doesn’t help her have a better life at all. One piece of evidence to support this theme is at the very beginning of the book. Liesel and her brother are on a train but suddenly her brother dies. Liesel realizes this very quickly after and sobs deeply for the death of her brother. Her mother is also very melancholy and is miserable with Liesel. Liesel is still forced to go to a new home and is lonely and scared when she arrives (Zusak #20-26). Life for Liesel did not just end right then and there. She had to work her way through that on top of getting new parents. Liesel desperately wanted to blot it out and move on but that is not how life works. Her life had to keep on going with more obstacles every day. Liesel then starts having recurring nightmares (Zusak #36) at her foster parents house about her brother, to which she wakes up screaming as if the Fuhrer were to be arrested. Liesel has to put up with this constantly but she does get comfort through her father. She had to push through it. Life had to go on, just because one
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