The Book Thief Argumentative Essay

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Those rich Nazis up there on Grande Strasse, why do they get to be wealthy and comfortable while the compassionate Hubermanns only get to live in near poverty? What is wrong with the world? In The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, the Holocaust is reflected from a German girl’s point of view. She sees the Nazis ruthlessly killing Jews and while a lot didn’t, they still supported the killings. The Hubermanns were compassionate for every kind of human, like how they took in Liesel and how they hid Max from the Nazis. But, in the end there is nothing wrong with the world, it is life. Life is random, and sometimes that can result in a life that is unfair, the difference of fairness ranges, but it almost always changes a person’s life.…show more content…
Death himself complains about having so much work while the humans kill themselves. But mostly the unfairness is based around the people surrounding Liesel’s life. For example, mother and father were taken away because they were communist. Rudy, and all her friends died in an air raid while she herself survived. She was not given an opportunity to educate herself and had to work for it herself, unlike other kids who had parents. All she received for food and presents were pea soup and dolls in bad condition. Though she got a book, Hans, her foster father, would pay a big load of cigars for it. Frau Holtzapfel’s two sons would die, leaving just Frau Holtzapfel in the world of the living. From these examples we can see that unfairness has been nailed to the philosophy of the book. It echoes through the entire book like a disease, it reverberates through characters like a quality that meant to be. Unlike a quality that came to be. Unfairness changed people’s lives and nearly defined the meaning of the book. From Liesel’s father being taken away, to when Rudy dies, the book is filled with moments of sadness, yet with no apparent reason. This shows that as long as there is life, there will be
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