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Why I chose the book: I chose to read The Book Thief because of its setting in the Second World War. The events which occurred during this period, with specific reference to the holocaust, interest me. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, a Novel by John Boyne is what sparked this interest. The expressive writing technique of the novel provokes the utmost emotion within the reader. For this reason I enjoy reading literature which makes reference to historical events which have been considered to have plagued history. Writers produced during these times in history seem to deliver writing which appeals to humanity and which draw emotion from the reader making the content griping and memorable. Summary of the plot: The setting of the novel, as described…show more content…
The sentences are mostly simple sentences, as opposed to long drawn- out descriptive sentences seen in many other forms of literature. This draws particular attention to the short interjecting sentences which seem to make the point ever so bluntly. This is effective as the book is being narrated by death itself which carries its own connotations of abruptness and bluntness. The continuous use of simple sentences throughout the book, one underneath the other, seems to create an uncomfortable atmosphere for the reader. This is because death and the ill treatment of people during the Second World War is often an uncomfortable subject and thus making the reader experience this discomfort is a success for the…show more content…
In the film, the main character, Liesel Meminger, plays less of a role as a 'criminal' as she does in the Novel. In the novel Liesel Meminger conspires to numerous acts of stealing. In the film however, our main character is only responsible for what she described as the act of 'borrowing'. This positions the viewer to feel more sympathetic towards the main character for her perceived innocence, especially towards the end of the book when she suffers great loss, and assists the Director in getting a more emotional and heart-breaking response from the viewer. Doing so will in most instances improve the overall quality of the

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