The Book Thief Book Analysis

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Blood. Many people say that blood is thicker than water, but in this book that is not the case. In The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, family is shown a extremely unique way. Normally when people think of a the average model family, they think of having money, being prim and proper and usually, being blood related. Though, family in this book is based on shared hardships and having faith in each other, not by blood. Hans and Liesel’s relationship is a great example of trust. This is because even though Hans and Liesel are not blood related, they have this extremely strong father-daughter bond which is based on them trusting each other. They have always had a strong bond, even when she first moved to Himmel street. On page 35 it shows that it only took Liesel a short period of time before she was able to trust Hans. It says “Fifteen passed till they were able to coax her from the car. It was the tall man who did it.” In pages 43-44 of The Book Thief, it says “Hans Hubermann would sit sleepy-eyed on the bed as Liesel cried into his…show more content…
It took the two a bit of time before they were used to being around each other. Liesel had to get used to a Jewish man hiding in her basement and Max had to get used to being watched by a little girl every time he went to sleep. Once they felt comfortable around each other they treated each other like brother and sister. The reason they bonded so quickly was explained on page 227, it says “During the nights, both Liesel Meminger and Max Vandenberg would go about their other similarity” This is saying that Max and Liesel discussed their nightmares and fears on many occasions. Realizing how similar they were, they became extremely close. In the book Max wrote called The Standover Man, he explains that he’s always been afraid of people standing over him, until Liesel came along. He could talk to her and express how he was feeling.
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