The Book Thief: Characters In Today's Society

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Since The Book Thief is a historical fiction text, the fictitious characters interact in a realistic World War II setting in Germany. Three characters in the book, Hans Hubermann, Max Vandenburg, and Rudy Steiner develop their identities within the parameters of the Nazi controlled society. However, if Hans, Max, and Liesel were characters in today 's society, their lives would be different.

Let’s start with Hans Hubermann. Hans is a tall man with silver eyes, and he smelled like cigarettes and paint. He was altruistic towards Liesel and to everybody else since the very beginning of the book. He showed that he is trustworthy when he promised Liesel not to tell Rosa about the book she took. He said on page one hundred twenty-seven, “Of course not, Liesel. You
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In The Book Thief’s case, it is the society during the German World War II. Hans Hubermann for example, had to pretend he hated the Jews when in fact, he does not. “The Jew was whipped six times… blood dripped now from his ear… then it was Papa’s turn..” (Zusak 394) Max was afraid of men standing over him all throughout his life and now, he had to leave his family behind. When he arrived at 33 Himmel Street, he was advised to stay in the basement despite the place freezing. As far as Max was concerned, Death even said, “The basement was the only place for him as far as he was concerned.” (Zusak 207) Lastly, in spite of Rudy’s young age, he was also affected by the society. Germany went through food rationing because of World War II thus, leading him and Liesel to purloin food. Since he’s athletic and academically-inclined, he was almost sent to an elite school away from his family. “Our school is one of the finest ever established. It’s better than world-class. We’re creating an elite group of German citizens in the name of the Fuhrer.” (Zusak 409) However, his parents declined the offer and instead, his father went to the

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