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The colors in the book shows imagery. The book is narrated by Death who was shown as having the same feelings and emotions that humans have. He would focus on the color of the sky when someone would die because he said he needs a distraction from his job. I really find it interesting that the way colors are shown, how they have more of a meaning to him than any other “person.” For him, colors are a distraction from his job he so wishes to have a break from, but there’s sadly no one to take his place.

The author was using an allusion referring to Jesse Owens. Before Rudy died at such a young age, he always wanted to succeed. He became a great athlete and a very smart kid. Of course, everyone has flaws and his was to show off and he lets his ego get in the way. To prove he’s gotten more successful to everyone, including his new Hitler Youth leaders, he won many medals at the Hitler Youth Carvinval which drew the attention of the Nazia on him, who were trying to find the smartest and most athletic kids to the new and “improved” school.
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Himmel Street, which ironically translates to heaven, is where most of the novel takes place. The novel is seperated into 10 parts, each portraying a different part of Liesel’s life. It shows from when her brother dies, the four years she got to live on Himmel Street, the bombing of her home, and the epilogue where she meets with Death. I found it peculiar that the author chose Liesel to live in a poorer part of town, because it would definetly change the book if she lived where the Mayor and his wife lived. It suited the book very

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