The Book Thief Essay

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Which character is most affected by war, and how? “No matter how many times she was told she was loved, there was no recognition that the proof was in the abandonment.” (32) The Book Thief by Markus Zusak discusses mainly the power of words, and war in Nazi Germany and how a girl grows up in pain, love, and misery through that period of her life. To begin with, Paula, Liesel’s mother gave her and her brother Werner to foster parents, Liesel’s parents were communists so they took her father away, hence, even though she didn’t know why, her mother had to give them over to Rosa and Hans Hubermann, but just before getting there, death took Werner away. And maybe that’s when pain begins for Liesel, as much as readers know. Liesel has been, since her arrival to the Hubermanns’, haunted by sleepless nights, nightmares, grief, etc. because she feels unloved and neglected “Not leaving: an act of trust and love, often deciphered by children.”(37). After all, we can conclude that Max was the most affected by war, because of course he was a Jew, and Zusak describes how he suffered by
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