The Book Thief Irony Analysis

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The literary analysis irony is used in The Book Thief many times throughout the book. The Book Thief tells the story of Liesel, a young girl who is taken to a new home because her mother can't afford to take care of her. This story is told by Death, who becomes an important part in the book. The Book Thief is set in Nazi, Germany, at the start of World War ll. On the way to her new home, Liesel’s younger brother dies and she steals her first book: The Gravedigger’s Handbook. When she arrives at her new home, she suddenly has a new mama and papa. Liesel and her papa start the challenge of reading the book, Liesel’s last link to her brother. Irony is used a great deal in this novel. Irony is the expression of one’s meaning by…show more content…
What's the worst that can happen, apart from all of us being flattened or fried or whatever bombs do?”. This is an example of irony because Rudy's saying one thing while meaning another. In other words, he is talking about the terror of the bomb and it completely off hand way, which is not how he feels about them at all. He is actually terrified, but this is his way of trying to show confidence in the face of all their fears. Rudy is trying to make Liesel calm with his confidence. This example of irony carries the story along, by saying how Rudy is afraid and doesn't like their chances of surviving the bomb. Irony is very effective in this book. One way irony is effective in this book shows the characters thoughts, feelings, and things the characters say but, mean something totally different from what the characters are actually say. Another way irony is effective in this book is because it makes us stop and think about what had been said. Irony is just one thing that helps make up this book. The Book Thief is one of the most descriptive books I've ever read. I don't necessarily understand, why it switches point of view from one person to the next, it's still one of the best books I've read. Although I wouldn't have picked this book to read personally, I'm glad I read it. This book had some life lessons I've never heard before. The most important life lesson I learned
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