The Book Thief: Movie Analysis

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Books and movies will normally be different in many ways. More often people who read the book first will hate the movie with a strong passion. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak had come out as a movie in 2013 but was praised and scorned heavily by people of all kinds. Some people who read the book were fairly pleased, and some weren’t due to the few parts that lack information. Though it was a decent movie, that stood, not exactly, close to the book. For an example how similar the death of Werner was but how Rosa and Hans children were left out along with how different Max seemed in the movie than in the novel.
Werner is the little brother of the main character Liesel. He is one of the similarities between the novel and the movie. In that his death is the same, and his relationship with Liesel is still very close even through death. Werner dies on the train when their Leisel and his mother is taking them to their new foster parents, and the movie shows how painful his death was to Liesl just like the novel. “We now know, of course, that the boy didn’t make it.” (Zusak 19) Max is a Jewish man who hides in the Hubermann’s basement in both the novel and the movie. Though His relationship with Liesel is incredible, he is not how the book described him in the least, in
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The movie, although they did alright in some areas, did not use these traits of the characters like how Max had dreams of boxing, or how Rosa and Hans had children who were already grown up. To me, as an opinion, don’t think the movie was faithful to the book, it was not performed well and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the book. If I hadn’t read the book and saw the movie it would be a much different situation but because most of the things that I love in the book weren’t in the movie I couldn’t say that I liked
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