The Book Thief Movie Analysis

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I believe exploring the Holocaust is all about keeping the memory alive. This movie helped keep the memory of the Holocaust alive because it was such an impact to the life behind the scenes and of the who help protect the jews. We use these memories of Holocaust to prevent from repeating these mistakes in the future. At first everybody thought Hitler being inpower was a great idea but later they found out that it was it was a horrible desicion and when the war was finally over they were happy to see the US troops on the ground. Keeping the memory alive is all about remembering from the past and one thing for sure is by doing this project I have remembered from the past. I learned alot from doing the project like how during the Holocaust in the situation the past events which has led me to believe that we have grown from then.…show more content…
How this movie The Book Thief relate to the theme of Holocaust is because during the movie they keep a boy who has ran away from his home because they took over and they are trying to find all you. Come to he comes to this house where they accept him and take care of him because when he gets there he is really sick. The wife spoon feeds him soup which he pukes up but eventually learns how to digest. After a while he could not stay in the top one with everyone else so they moved him to the basement where he did not have a bed just a blanket and had to sleep on the floor. This is where he met a little girl named Lisa who showed him life and happiness. later on at the end of the movie she finally sees him again after he has left the home where it was no safe for him to be. He was successful and happy and that was two years later after the wife and father of Lisa had
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