The Book 'Unbroken': Louie Zamperini

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Unbroken centers around a soldier named Louie Zamperini. Louie is on the American side fighting for peace in the South Pacific against the Japanese during WW2. Louie was a lieutenant in the U.S Air Force ,and served as a crewmember on the Green Hornet(B-24) Louie functioned as a bombardier who took pride in his duty. He was a true patriot. The love for his country is exemplified by the way fulfilled his duties with total dedication, and competence. Other characters that sets Louie apart is his optimism , courage,and fearlessness as a warrior. Throughout the entire story, Louie knew he could get away with anything(He felt invincible) The book describes the true story of the overwhelming odds ,and terror of war that Louie must face with his fellow soldiers Mac, and Phil.…show more content…
A quote to describe that is, “He lay on his plank, daydreaming about the Olympics, holding them before himself as a shining promise, a future for which to endure an unbearable present.(pg.295)” That quote is describing how he imagines his future. Optimistic is when someone who is hopeful and confident about the future. Another adjective to describe Louie, is courageous when he faces, “The Bird”, multiple times a day. A quote to describe that is,”Louie took his beating with as much defiance as
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