The Boomerang Culture

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Boomerangs have always played a big role in shaping and defining culture in Australia. Now they have become a national symbol because of their important cultural influence and help spread the Australian culture and tradition around the world. Today, we view boomerangs as a toy or something you compete with in sports. Of course, the boomerang has more than one use. In this essay, you will learn the history of the boomerang and the artistic relevance it has.
At first, boomerangs were used for hunting in not just Australian civilizations, but also by Egyptians and Stone Age civilizations. Even though it was used 30,000 years ago, we do not know who invented the boomerang. The boomerang has been found in the caves of Stone Age settlements and around some regions of modern-day Poland. There was even a boomerang found in King Tut’s tomb that was buried with him 3300 years ago! As time went on, Australia continued to worship and cherish the boomerang, and when Westerners discovered Australia, the boomerang became very popular in Europe.
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So how could you tell the difference between a hunting boomerang and a fishing boomerang? Simple, just look at the design! Hunting boomerangs have a specific design for certain seasons, animals, and even the sex of the animal. Fishing boomerangs have a distinctive shape with a beveled, pointed handle and sharp edges. The design may have allowed the boomerang to cut through water more easily, stunning and killing the fish. Boomerangs were also used in religious and cultural ceremonies. In certain parts of Australia, the boomerang would be heavily decorated with various carving and colors, and the boomerang would play a big role in the ceremony. Boomerangs have also been used as decoration. This has become a popular form of art. Boomerangs have also influenced music, athletic games, and super

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