Summary: The Boomerang Technique

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Fact of the matter is that there are no new objections, you have hear them all before

Now how do you handle objections, what are the rules, are there any ?

First things first, you never win an argument by proving him wrong, even if he is. Even if you are right about pointing about something he has stated, which may not be true or right, you need to do it politely & softly. You cannot hurt his ego, pride, status, knowledge level and win it. Any kind of argument should be a strict no no.

Secondly never bluntly tell him that he is wrong, even if he is, you have to put it across in a suggestive way so that it seems like a suggestion or a point of view. Never use words like 'you are wrong' or 'you don't understand' or 'You don't know' instead you may
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Listen to what he says, find out what you may have missed during presentation. Go back to the product detailer and start all over again.

The boomerang technique

This technique is used when you find the objection touching something which is important for him to understand. You send the objection straight back to him in the form of an opportunity

It is exactly for the reason...........

Keeping the same thing in mind only

It is exactly as you say

Basically this technique is all about 'Answering a question with a question'. You will see that he will find the answer to his query in the same. Go back to the product detailer and start all over again.

Overriding technique

This is to convert a genuine statement into an opportunity which you can clearly foresee. He may not have see or evaluated in that manner but if you show him the path he may follow.

I don't sell this.........

This is a new category.......

I have never thought about this product or service.............

This is precisely the reason i am presenting you the same, it's an excellent opportunity for you and you must try this out. Go back to the product detailer and start all over again.

Couple of important
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