The Booming Fifties In The 1950's

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The Booming Fifties The 1950’s is often referred to as the Booming fifties from a large economic boom in America. Aside from the economic boom there was a baby boom during this time period as well. More than 4 million babies were born every year from 1954 to 1964 according to It was the world’s strongest military according to and suburban neighborhoods began to spring up everywhere. Consumerism played a large role in fashion and everyday life as new televisions and cars came about that people were eager to buy. The civil right’s movement was prominent during that time as well and is still a big deal today. In the fifties, Truman had signed a peace treaty with Japan that finally ended the second World War, the polio…show more content…
According to, the clothes had been very simplistic but once World War II was over, new and larger amounts of fabrics, threads, and needles came about. Some of those new fabrics include taffeta, nylon, wool, and leather. Women’s dresses in particular exploded with new colors and patterns. The fifties marked an economic boom for America which spurred the rise of consumerism since more was available to the people. According to, Marilyn Monroe was another huge fashion influence on the style for girls. Elvis Presley was a style influence for guys with the leather jackets and greaser look according to He had been dubbed as the King of Rock and the King of Fashion Trend Setting during his…show more content…
Men’s headgear on the hand was quite simplistic as they typically wore duckbill hats & fedoras. Football helmets were very different back then as well and not as protected or secure as they are now. According to the overall style of a man in the fities was “Ivy League” or preppy. The cowboy look started to make a comeback at that time as well for men’s fashion. According to there was a pink rage in men’s fashion where many men started to wear pink shirts and ties. Men and women wore similar looking shoes except for the heels that women would wear. Due to the economic boom and excess amounts of new patterns and colors, women of the fifties wore floral dresses(as you will see in my Google Slide) with petticoats underneath to create a fuller skirt. Waistline in women’s outfits were a big deal as well according to Some preferred a tight, snug waistline while others would much rather no waistline at all. Both men and women felt as though they had more freedom in their fashion sense after a long period of war and depression according to Jewelry for women was very glamorous with accessories to match. Handbags for women in the fifties were popular to show off elegance in a way according to

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