The Border Town Summary

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A Study of Gladys Yang’s Translation of The Border Town from the Perspective of Aesthetics
In order to enhance communication with all countries of the world and enhance the influence of Chinese culture, Chinese culture "going out" has become an issue which is urgently concerned by society. And Chinese literary translation plays an important role in it. Based on the linguistic features and expressive features of Chinese, there is a natural link between translation and aesthetics in China. Since the 1990s, translation and aesthetics are formally used as translation studies. As we all know, due to the literary significance of The Border Town, many scholars at home and abroad have studied Shen Congwen and The Border Town for a long time, however, its translation studies especially English translation studies did not attract enough attention. And there is even less researches concerning its translation from the perspective of aesthetics. In view of this, the research on the English translation of The Border Town is very necessary nowadays. This paper intends to explore the artistic reproduction of the original aesthetics implication in Gladys Yang’s English translation from the perspective of translation aesthetics.
The Border Town, as the representative work of Shen Congwen, ranked second in the 20th Century Chinese Novels. Due to its aesthetics and artistry, this novel has a unique position in the history of Chinese modern literature. At present, The Border Town has been widely
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