The Boston Celtics: An Inspirational Role Model

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One of the Best, by far, Yes! Having won nearly a quarter of all the championships awarded since 1946, is without a doubt a major accomplishment for the Boston Celtics (Boston). Not many teams have had as much success as the Boston Celtics, and that’s why they are one of the more prestigious NBA teams. A total of 17 championship title awards over the decades. Most NBA teams have one if any championship titles, but yet the Celtics have 17 alone that’s amazing. Sure, other teams might have more championship titles in other sports, but those teams just can’t compare to the many features the Boston Celtics accomplished over the years. Not only are the Celtics notorious for winning championship titles, they also were inspirational role models,…show more content…
First off, how many teams can say they won a championship in the NBA? That’s a whopping seventeen teams out of a possible thirty-two (Land)! Out of those seventeen, how many managed to win more than three titles? Only five teams have managed to do that. That’s According to the Land of Basketball, also known as the NBA Universe, the five teams that have won more than three titles include the Los Angeles Lakers, the Chicago Bulls, the San Antonio Spurs, the Golden State Warriors, and of course the Boston Celtics(Land). right only five teams out of seventeen teams (Land)! Some teams in the NBA have never even won a title, miraculously, the Celtics have seventeen! Quite amazing…show more content…
Racism also impacted the Celtics in a number of ways. Most importantly, racism affected their center Bill Russell, who became one of the most dominant centers in the NBA. Of course during the 1950s racism was still very much in existent. The Celtics paid close attention to the Bill Russell as the NBA draft neared. Eventually Red Auerbach pulled the trigger, and traded Ed Macauley and Cliff Hagan to the St. Louis Hawks for Bill Russell (Shoals). Both of them ended up becoming Hall of Famers, so the Celtics gave up quite a bit to get Bill Russell (Shoals). Bill Russell made an immediate impact on the Celtics, leading them to the Championship in his rookie season (Shoals). Unfortunately, Bill Russell played in a time where whites and African Americans were still separated. Granted, the racism aspect was slowly dwindling it was still present. Bill Russell wasn’t the first African American player in the NBA, but he became the first African American superstar

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