The Boston Marathon: A Short Story

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BANG! A small gunshot of the Boston Marathon 1500 year special, hosted in Everville, Massachusetts, woke Alexander from his restless night of sleep in the cold night of October. It’s the year 3912, and Alexander just lies in his bed on a very chilly October 30th night when all of a sudden he rolls out of bed and starts moaning and groaning, until he turned into his true form, as an ugly beast with a curse that has haunted him for at least 21 years since he met that witch in the woods. That mean old witch had cursed him for stealing one of her enchanted apples that will give you immortality if you manage to steal it. “One shall suffer, one shall pay, until he who has suffered all day, shadow troll beast by night, handsome by day. Until you have been so as a traitor, to a friend.”

Now that you have heard what exactly his curse does, you can almost feel sorry for Alexander, but what he does to rid his curse is even worse than than what that witch did, he must go and find a very nice person, develop a beautiful relationship and then he must dump that person and then haunt he/she for a solid two months.
Now, back to reality, after Alexander was finished with his
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“I mean, not curse, umm, I mean something else that we musn’t speak of!” Alexander could not think of anything else to say to replace the word curse in his speaking to her. When she heard that voice coming from behind her say curse, she froze in her tracks and only stared at the man in wonder. “Go on.” She said, “Tell me more about this curse you speak of.” “I’m sorry ma’am I can’t I’ll give you my number and you can call me if you want to get serious about liking me, then just give me a call.” And so he did, he gave Roxie his number, and he jumped into the night sky leaving that random woman in the street standing alone with a 10-digit number on her palm standing in the middle of the sidewalk in Everville,

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