The Boston Massacre Summary

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The Boston Massacre is one of America’s most memorable moments in history. The Tragedy of March 5th was a leading event that soon stimulated its significance toward the American Revolution. The debate of who to blame for the occurrence of the massacre is still ongoing, and like most debates there are two different sides to the argument. Doug Linder, phenomenally explains the events that led to the massacre in his article “The Boston Massacre Trails: An Account”, in which he analyzes all facts and aspects that occurred during the trial to the point where he explores who is to blame for the horrendous event on the night of march 5th. In the article, Linder is trying to explain that through all the pain and death during that dreadful night, the…show more content…
After Adams reviewed all the information over, he was able to identify that the soldiers where only trying to defend themselves from the raging crowds assault. A few witnesses were called on to testify against the soldiers, some stating that they saw the captain give the order to fire and some stating that the soldiers were just trying to protect themselves from the crowd. In Linder’s article, it is stated that one of the injured men from that night said he forgave the man who shot him and that he knew that he fired in self-defense (Linder 2001). On contrary, Linder states that an eyewitness who saw one of the soldiers shoot John Gray, claimed that if Killroy ever had the chance, he would shoot the inhabitants of Boston and that he has wanted the opportunity since he got to Boston (Linder 2001). The statement gave the jury another opinion to see who was to be blamed for the horrid massacre. Doug Linder is a professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law where he teaches Constitutional Law. Professor Linder received his J.D. from Stanford Law School (UMKC). He has receive multiple awards for his work and is acknowledged for his article on his Famous Trails website. Linder has published numerous articles over the constitutional law and with his work many people have been able to look back at the historical moment and truly see what occurred on that

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