The Boston Massacre: The American Civil War

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Before the Boston massacre we had the Townshend Acts in 1768. Lord Townshend was in charge of raising revenue in a way that wouldn 't upset the colonist. Which in their eyes will be a external tax rather than an internal tax such as the stamp act. They are going to charge for imported and manufactured goods from Great Britain. Such as paper, paint, glass and led. The Massachusetts Bay colony had put together a circular letter for all the other colonies basically trying to get them to boycott Great Britain for being unfair and unconstitutional. The new colonial secretary was ordered by parliament to get the assembly to back off. Then later order for the Massachusetts Governor Francis Bernard to get them to back off. And when that couldn 't be done they sent in the army. And the…show more content…
And now that his ship is gone this will cause havoc and is the beginning of a propaganda war by the colonist and the sons of liberty. Their goal was to try and to get everyone against Great Britain. With all of the rioting and not paying taxes some of the troops are having to back off and go to Castle William Island which was located off of Boston’s shore just for their safety. Because of this the North American Commander for the British Navy General Thomas Gage sent four regiments to Boston to handle it. On March 5th 1770 Private Hugh White is on duty and it was an apprentice in the area Edward G. Private Hugh had been yelling at Captain John Goldfinch who he believed owed money to who he was working for. Private Hugh White left his post and walked up to Captain John Goldfinch and hit him with the bottom of his gun. Many people started approaching the situation such as Henry Knox which will later be George Washington 's secretary of war. The people that had approached had started getting on Private Hugh White for what he had done. “If you fire, you will die for it” ~Henry Knox which was his way of taunting him and putting him in his place because he could be in trouble for what was
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