Why Did The Boston Massacre Happen

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The Boston Massacre was an accident in the beginning, but it continued to go on until it reached an extent where it could be an accident no longer. The real question is when did this accident start, and when did it get too far? Some say it should have never happened. others say it was the start of the revolution.

Captain Thomas Preston was a British officer stationed in Massachusetts staying in a home with other soldiers under the Quartering Act. They were banging on things with clubs yelling “Fire if you dare”. Yelling, screaming throwing snowballs, ice, coming at his soldiers with stick, buckets, clubs, and anything that they could get their hands on. His men would need to fire under his call, one man got hit by stick wobble to and side and his gun went off. Immediately after 4 of the men heard the crowd shouting fire and …show more content…

Newton Prince was a African American businessman. Men came to his house yelling “fire, fire”, he asked if it was a house on fire, they said no something even better. Newton went out to the massacre and met people that had “clubs, buckets, bags,snowballs,and sticks”. A lot of people were yelling “fire” and so he could see how it could be confusing for actual command. There are also many sticks that we 're hitting the bayonet and most of them could have been set off because of that. The soldiers may have felt threatened but the only thing that was really coming at them with snowballs. Newton makes a good point about how many sticks hit bayonet and yelling of fire could have think confusing but in the end they were only really being hit with snowballs and sticks.

Yes there was proof of weapons other than snowballs but they were not in use. The Boston Massacre was very chaotic people yelling fire, running around, protesting and all out causing confusion and chaos. The only thing that was really threatening the soldiers or snowballs. So there was really no reason for the british to fire, starting the Rebellion and American

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