The Boston Massacre: The Incident On King Street

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The Boston Massacre is an event most Americans and British students learn about over the course of their education. In America, we learn that British soldiers fired upon innocent civilians, although this may not have been the case. British historians have referred to the Boston Massacre as the "Incident on King Street". After looking over the "Captain Thomas Preston 's Account of the Boston Massacre", as well as "Boston Massacre Trial Depositions" I believe that American historians should refer to the "Boston Massacre" as the "Incident on King Street". The definition of a massacre refers to an unnecessary and random killing of a large number of individuals. The events of the Boston Massacre are recorded as a group of British soldiers firing upon a large group of colonists, killing three people on sight, one expired after the event, three were badly wounded, and four were slightly wounded totaling 11 civilians being shot. With multiple individuals such as Captain Thomas Preston, and Theodore Bliss claiming there were at least 100 people, as well as Peter Cunningham accounting 30-40 citizens gathered at the customs house. All three of these individuals were reliable in their depositions. Bliss and Cunningham were uninvolved in the act, both were bystanders to the situation. This was a large group of people who had come to the sight of the customs house where the soldiers had been called to protect the king 's money. This shows that the shooting could not have been
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