The Boston Revolution

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America was founded because the colonists didn’t agree with the government of Great Britain. Taxation had a huge impact on the colonists and even todays economy. Great Britain had put a tax on alcohol, sugar, stamps, paper documents, and even tea. Colonists became inflamed by being taxed without representation, causing them to take drastic measures to prove their points through disobedience and revolting against the government. Similar to Great Britain in the colonists’ time, the current U. S. government continues to tax people, with protests occurring in modern day, and yet the protests have not been as successful as those in the past. On December 16th, 1773 a group of 100 to 150 men disguised themselves as Indians, boarded the three cargo…show more content…
Britain became frightened that the colonists were becoming too strong, so they sent three thousand troops to Boston to sustain the riots at a manageable level. Nothing major really happened until February of 1770, when a terror-stricken official accidentally fired his musket killing Crispus Attucks. In March, a group of rioters taunted the Britain soldiers yelling for them to fire, throwing snowballs and rocks; finally, one did. That caused other soldiers to draw their weapons and participate in the deadly action; eleven were shot and five were fatalities. The Boston Massacre was headlining newspapers throughout all 13 colonies stirring up the colonists and angering them even more. In February of 1765, the British law implemented The Stamp Act, putting a tax on all paper used on official documents to raise the income for the government. The angry colonists didn’t like the fact they had to pay the extra tax, so a rebellion started. The anger came from the colonists feeling segregated; the colonists thought of themselves as Britons so they wanted equal rights. The “Sons of Liberty” wanted justice for the actions of Britain, they planned to execute The Stamp…show more content…
On February 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by former officer George Zimmerman. Instantly media had blown up with headlines involving the tragic fatality. Protests occurred titled as “Black Lives Matter” during the trial of Florida v. Zimmerman. These protests led to distrustful actions toward American government and American Law Enforcement. This protest wasn’t just a segmented time period event, it’s lasted from 2012 to present day and occurs daily and is expanding rapidly. If you were to take this movement of “Black Lives Matter” (disregarding all race standards and segregation) into the 18th century during the time of George Washington and John Adams it would’ve created outrage in the colonists. The outcome of a riot by the Sons of Liberty were successful because of the actions they took and the loyalty of the members. The British government had no control over the angered colonists even though by law they did. The angered colonists disregarded all government actions and all authority was
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