The Boston Tea Party

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Boston Tea Party
Most of the population had heard or been told about the historical backdrop of the Boston Tea Party, when the Americans chose to toss the British Tea into Boston Harbor. Be that as it may, shockingly most of the general population today does not comprehend the significance of it, and why the Boston Tea Party is recalled to this day. The Boston Tea Party has an immense penetrant, effect in the American history because, on the off chance of those few valiant men and acts, America would not be an autonomous country like we are today.
It all happened upon the arrival of December 16, 1773, when the American loyalists masked as Mohawk Indians dispatched 342 boxes of tea that belonged the British East India Company from the boats
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In 1770, the Townshend Acts were undone except for the small tax on tea. The general meaning of this was to show that Parliament still had the right to tax the groups of people. For the majority of the time, the tax was ignored as the colonists bought most of their tea from Dutch smugglers, who sneak illegal things into or out of places. In 1773, the East India Company had all of its warehouses in England full of tea. To get away from ruins of money, Parliament adopted the Tea Act. The Tea Act gave authority to the company to ship the tea directly to the colonies instead of to England and then the particular groups of people.
The colonies reacted to this act as a crime of paying money to get favors. The tea, even with the tax, was hugely and importantly money-saving and could quickly undersell the Dutch. The conception was for the colonists to buy the most money-saving tea and then preserve the company. The main problem for the East India Company was that they had already been mentally thought of as a company that controls too much in the colonies. The majority of people could not deal with the chance of another
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The Americans were inspired by George III and his famous quote that he said to the New England colonies in November 1774 “blows must decide whether they are to be subject to this country or independent.’ With both sides more willing to fight than to retreat, war became inevitable. The violence at the Boston forced the ministry to retaliate with its show of force. The Coercive Acts, like the decision to ship dutied tea to America, only drove the colonies closer together in their determination to resist the mother country.
Edification to Americans on the subject of the Boston Tea party. It is anything but difficult to perceive how the first dissent from the Sons of Liberty was so essential. This occasion set the stage for some frightful years in the battle for our country's autonomy. The Boston Tea Party served to shape our awesome nation to what it is today. The flexibility, our type of government and why the United States recognize as the nation of opportunities, it was all accomplishable because of the Boston Tea
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