The Boy And Egg Poem Analysis

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Naomi Shihab Nye focuses on the concept of solitary and independence in “The Boy and Egg”. Throughout the poem Nye uses alliterations, imagery and personification to create a literal situation. However, in “Famous” the author uses the poem to make the reader develop a new perspective on the definition of the word ‘famous’. The poem uses similes, irony, imagery and tone to show how the author views the world. The poem “The Boy and Egg” tells you a story about a child who lives near a farm. Every few minutes, he takes eggs from the hens. There is a deep connection between him and the eggs since he isolates himself from the other children. He feels that the egg keeps him company as he presses it to his ear to keep him warmth. The boy…show more content…
This definition of fame is only limited to a celebrity or someone that is celebrated or recognized for something they have done. However, in the poem “Famous” Naomi Shihab Nye defines the word in her own way. She gives many examples of ordinary things in everyday life that are “famous to each other”. For example, the tear is famous to the cheek and the river is famous to the fish. These things are famous to each other because they function with one another or are usually associated with each other. The speaker in famous is most likely the author of the poem since they refer to the poem in first person. There is a repetition in the word famous because the author wants you to notice the word. The tone of the poem is humble and appreciative. “Famous” is humble because the author changed the meaning of famous to not be exclusive towards certain groups of people. It is appreciative because the poem recognizes ordinary things that are famous to one another because of their function. “Famous” uses sensory details to draw the readers into a world where everything is recognized for its functions. For example, the bent photograph is famous to the one who carries it. Small things similar to this aren't noticed because of its appearance. Additionally, the irony about the poem is that the word famous is used to describe simple things. Typically, in today’s world celebrities are made up of drama and are complicated characters. Lastly, there is a simile at the end of the eighth stanza, “famous as the one who smiled
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