The Boy In The Striped Pajamas Analysis

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For are summer reading essay you have asked us to write about our books I have chosen to write about the boy in the striped pajamas the main characters our shmuel and Bruno shmuel is a young polish Jew who is thrown into a concentration camp or a death camp as they called it Bruno is a young kid born under a powerful man in the camps he gets a promotion so they move to Poland for his dad 's promotion his dad is now a general so Bruno is is now living in this small house right beside and giant fence and he has no idea that what the fence really is is the concentration camp so some time passes and Bruno feels like he is going to go crazy if he doesn 't want do something soon so he goes exploring when exploring this long never ending fence he sees this boy on the other side and sees he is wearing striped pajamas and a striped hat when he gets closer he sees that he is wearing a gold wristband with a star ( the Star of David ) the two boys begin talking and figure out they both share a birthday they talk almost everyday for a month then one day when Bruno walks into the kitchen he sees shmuel cleaning his glasses for his father 's birthday celebration the two boys being to play together and talk then Bruno offers shmuel a piece of chicken the co general walks in and sees what is happening he ask what 's going on here and shmuel says he gave it to me were friends and when the general asked Bruno if this was true Bruno said I 've never seen that kid before shmuel then gets really
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