The Boy In The Striped Pajamas And The Book Thief: A Literary Analysis

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If you have an older or younger sibling then you might understand what it feels like when people say that you look alike. Just because you look the same doesn’t mean you are the same. One of you might like a different sport or activity then the other, or one of you might have darker hair or different color eyes. In the two stories “The boy in the striped pajamas” and “The book thief” they are kind of siblings but have different qualities. The theme for both stories is you always help someone who is in danger no matter what and the claim for both is Mood because the authors build suspense until the ending. I chose that theme because in “The boy in the striped pajamas” it’s about a boy named Bruno meets a boy named Shmuel. Bruno help Shmuel by bringing him food and talking to him. In…show more content…
In “the boy in the striped pajamas the mood was dark and depressing but there was times where the mood was positive. The most positive part of the book was the beginning when Bruno lived in a different part of Germany but when he moved closer to the camps the mood changed and it became dark. In “The book thief” the mood throughout the story was dark and depressing since the narrator is death. Although they have similar craft moves, they are a little bit different. Throughout the first story Bruno is the one who makes the story positive. He was very positive about everything he did and he tried to make things fun with whatever he had. The second story is more depressing throughout the whole story. If it was told in a different way and death wasn’t the narrator then the story might be a little more positive. Some people think that the theme for “The boy in the striped pajamas” is that friendship requires sacrifice. And while that is a good theme, I believe that my theme is better because Bruno didn’t know he was going to die and neither did
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