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John Boyne’s historical fable, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, depicts the optimistic narration of the curious mind of nine year old Bruno as he explores the notion of fear in the background of the ominous World War Two. Through this exploration, it is apparent that Boyne’s characterisation is the basis for which the controlling and inescapable element of fear is developed. Boyne relies on the characters’ attitudes towards the unknowns when leaving Berlin and arriving at Out-with, the action and inaction of the characters’, and the relationship between the Bruno and Father to relay the notion of fear in order to compose his whimsical didactic text. Boyne expertly applies descriptive language to establish the dramatic, control which results…show more content…
When Bruno arrives at Out-With he is filled with a feeling that it is “cold and unsafe” (p.20). Boyne’s remark towards Bruno’s fear of the house reveals the depth of Bruno’s indifference by using two words with solely negative connotations. This creates a subtle link for the reader that what is beyond Bruno’s window, relates to the horrors of the war. This is a familiar feeling for many people. Society avoids the unknown because it is unreliable, unpredictable and as a result, not considered to be safe. It is our natural survival instincts to avoid danger. Bruno 's instincts give him a bad feeling towards the house and told him that the move was a “big mistake” (p.17). This unsettling fear haunted his thoughts, forcing him to discover the truth behind the new house and put his fears at rest. This reaction is reflected in contemporary society through our infatuation with space and what lies beyond our solar system, fearing what we do not know and cannot see. Boyne’s use of descriptive language to build highlight to the audience how Bruno’s fear of the unknown’s caused by moving house are impacting his life. The tension which rises from Bruno’s fear of leaving builds a sense of nervousness within the audience, the language preparing them for the horrors to be faced at

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