The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas Rhetorical Analysis

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In the boy in striped pyjamas author, John Boyne took the approach of writing this novel with the point of view of a naïve young child. This was done very well throughout the book. The repetition used during the novel was there to indicate that something essential or relevant to the storyline was near. Another aspect used by John Boyne was the innocence on a child, how open minded they’re and the point no one is born a racist. Small hints were dropped during the books this was due to the little education about the horrific times that were happening.
During the novel a lot of repetition was used, usually to indicate when Bruno was doing something dangerous or what would have been seen as inappropriate. The quote “Bruno’s eyes opened wide, his mouth made the shape of an O and arms stretched at his
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Briefly mentioned earlier was young Bruno’s little knowledge about the terrible times happening right under his nose. ‘Auschwitz’ or as known to Bruno as the farm was a concertation camp were Shmuel and many other Jews lived. Neither of the boys didn’t know what a concentration camp was, this made the readers curious and not so sure themselves, which then hooked them in even more. The age of the children played a big part in this and in Bruno’s case the lies his family was telling him. For instance when young Bruno saw the video of the camps that the Germans had made, to falsely inform their own citizens of what the horrible soldiers had been doing to the Jewish people. Bruno bought this lie did not understand why Shmuel always looked sad on the other side of the fence.

Author John Boyne wrote The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas in the perspective of a naïve young child, which was done extremely well. This was due to the repetition of quotes. The innocence of a child and how open minded they can be. Small hints dropped through little education and denial about the Jewish people and concentration camps, which made the book addictive for
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