The Boy Who Cried Wolf Analysis

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I was very excited when we were given The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Everyone knows this fairytale, and it would not be too difficult to come up with some fun creative twist for it. My favorite thing about the project was the original bouncing ideas off one another. We sat in the Union and just spat out weird and creative twists that our tale could morph into. It was hilarious to see where peoples’ minds took them. I also really liked the group that I was a part of. Everyone was very communicative and wanted to do well on this project. The worst part, as mentioned in class, was finding time to get together and practice. The script came together very quickly (props to Sarah Betz) and we were all very excited to act it out. It was just difficult as most of us had jobs or organizational commitments most nights. This led to us not getting enough time to practice, which transitions this essay into what I thought we could’ve done differently. We could have always practiced more. We did a fantastic job performing, but one can never be too prepared for a performance. As noted by one of the judges, we should have practiced talking louder, as some of us were a little quiet. We also could have spent more time on the costumes. They were very creative and brought the point across nicely, but they were minimal…show more content…
I was a part of speech club in high school, so it brought me back to my glory days of being on stage in front of an audience. Presenting a play with a group of people I enjoy makes for a very good time. Looking back, it definitely was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. I was getting nervous when we would plan a day of practice, but then conflicts would arise. It’s important to be able to maneuver around those conflicts and make time to meet. That was a big takeaway for me, that even though it seems that there is not enough time, there always is. Another takeaway is the ability to work in a
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