The Boys At The Back Summary

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For a long time now girls have been behind boys in schooling, which can be attributed to the misconceptions in the past regarding females limited capacity for learning. Yet, after all the centuries of girls being left in the dark concerning schooling they have not only caught up to the boys, they have surpassed them. The article, “The boys at the Back” by Christina Hoff Sommers, talks about how girls now receive better grades than boys and the implications that come with it. Christina Hoff Summers is a Scholar who studies the relationship between gender, sexuality, and politics. As an expert in gender, sexuality, and politics she is very knowledgeable about this topic and can provide accurate information. Through this article the author…show more content…
The author mentions that the first country to solve problem will reap many economical rewards. The author mentions that the United States is behind other countries in fixing this problem. The first battle the United States needs to address is that there is a problem, and anyone who talks about sometimes gets quieted by people who say it is not an issue. The reason she is writing this essay is to convince people who believe that this is not an issue worth discussing to believe that this is truly worth discussing. The author’s only interest for writing this essay is for the betterment of the people and the economy of the United States. This is a social issue that involves the misappropriation of regulations on schoolboys who are more concerned at the time about superheroes than what they will be when they grow up. It is increasingly hard to calm a young and energetic boy and to hold him to a standard of a different capability then he is possible is not smart. When the United States addresses this issue in legislation and helps implement more specialized schooling for boys this issue will be resolved
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