Joe Rantz's The Boys In The Boat

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The Boys in the Boat Deep Book Review I find it extremely strenuous to express in words the impact this book had on me, not just in the long run but in my everyday life. The true events of this story have affected my mindset in volleyball and even school! Description of Story and Characters The Boys in the Boat is a story of the big picture. It starts by following a young child, Joe Rantz, as he survives his childhood after being abandoned by his family. Following his story, we watch Joe as he becomes independent and learns how to survive at a very young age. Eventually, he makes it to college where he decides to join the collegiate rowing team. But it was much more demanding than he ever expected. Al Ulbrickson, the coach of the team, was extremely overbearing on them. But this would end up being an important factor, for this would help them make the final transition from childhood to manhood. The boys on the team were…show more content…
One would be “How can something so extraordinary happen when everything was stacked against them?” This book is a story of overcoming the underdog title. Now by definition, an underdog is someone who is unlikely to succeed or win. That’s exactly who the American team were, or were they? Something I didn’t mention in the previous paragraph was that align with the other disadvantages America had was the fact that one of the most valuable rowers in the boat was sick! Try doing anything while under the weather, much less row an Olympic race! What I am getting at here is that if the world did not want to see this team win, how did they win? I find it astounding that this is a true story because there was simply too much against them. But that makes me come back to the author's point of view. He was telling the human story. Where events that are highly unlikely, are possible in our world. He was sharing what really happened to inspire everyone who reads his
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