The Brady Bunch TV Show

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The Brady Bunch

"The Brady Bunch" is a television show; it is fiction and for entertainment story piece that is about two adults with children getting married and all of them becoming one big family. This television show also shows how life might be if someone gets remarried while they have kids.

Sherwood Schwartz was the writer and executive producer of this television show; it was originally released on September the 26th of 1969 and stopped airing on March the 8th of 1974. At that time Australia society was having many issues that involve remarriage and divorce. In this show it’s not divorce but the death of their partner that made the parents single until they met each other and got remarried. In Australia in 1969 the biggest
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This television show was written by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan; it was originally released in September the 23rd of 2009 and is still ongoing. During the time this show started airing there was a big range of refining so that same sex couples get equal entitlements and responsibilities as heterosexual couples like social security, employment, taxation, immigration and more. Some states have banned same sex marriages; some companies have made a rule ‘Our Business won’t serve gays’. In this time and age society has changed a lot of things, but in some people just don’t want to accept it.

Its purpose is entertainment for the audience but also to show that it doesn’t matter whether a couple is heterosexual or homosexual, whether they were married from the start or got remarried, they can still be family. It also shows how people depend so much in technology now days. Abraham Higginbotham, a writer of the show says “We used to talk about how cell phones killed the sitcom because no one ever goes to anyone’s house anymore. You don’t have to walk into Rachel and Ross’s house, because you can call and say, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ We embrace technology so it’s part of the
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