The Brain Is Lik History Channel Summary

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The human brain is one of the most complex organs which is being studied in depth, in today’s world. It is the central command center, weighing just three pounds but, it controls the whole body from head to toe. Numerous studies are being held to see how the brain really functions. After a long stretch of research, scientists have not yet understood how the brain works and are thoroughly doing research about this. In psychology the human brain is studied based on how an individual thinks, feels, and behaves. The documentary presented by History Channel profoundly covers different aspects such as, during sexual arousal, how evil people think, and how the navy tests new recruits on overcoming fear. Numerous information is presented in the documentary, “The brain is…show more content…
How sexual arousal in men leaves certain parts of the brain deactivated as blood flow is outside, while in woman it is fully unconscious as blood flows towards the brain. Psychopaths like Joel Rifkin, Ted bundy who do not have care or affection in them due to a shrunken amygdala which is seventeen times smaller than a normal human beings” (“Human Brain”, 2010). The documentary focuses very well on how certain parts of the brain like the stem controls heart rate, digestion, and breathing. The amygdala which is the central command centre of the brain is our panic button which causes fear and anxiety in us. The cortex which is a thin wrinkly layer squished inside the human skull is known for problem solving. How the cerebellum controls movement in an individual by telling the muscles what to do at every step. We also see how how the brain communicates by sending electric signals all around the body. Various diseases caused by brain damage is also covered and how this affects our memories; long term and short
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