The Bravery In The Epic Of Beowulf

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The Anglo-Saxon time period is marked with trials of courageous men sacrificing themselves for the sake of others in battle. By defeating the egregiously violent monster Grendel, Beowulf not only becomes a true Anglo-Saxon due to his bravery, but he demonstrates the Anglo-Saxon value of fame. The poet displays Beowulf’s bravery through his actions and words throughout the epic story. When Beowulf encounters a fearsome dragon, the poet mentions that “He [Beowulf] had scant regard/for the dragon as a threat, no dread at all/of its courage or strength” (Beowulf 2347-2349). Beowulf, had such confidence in himself that he believed he could defeat a dragon by himself. He wanted to do it by himself and believed so strongly in that, he told the Danes they were not allowed to fight with him. The Danes then realized, how brave he was; “Great king. They have seen my strength for themselves / Have watched me rise from the darkness of war/ Dripping my…show more content…
During this time period, there was no communication other than word of mouth. One would have to do something memorable to be boasted about. Beowulf’s many victories in battle earned him such glory, showing that he is the ideal man in the Anglo-Saxon society. In fact, the poet even includes a Danish coast guard’s reaction to seeing Beowulf. Beowulf is described as “... truly noble. This is no mere /hanger-on in a hero's armour” (Beowulf 250-251). Even though the guard had not heard stories of Beowulf, he was still able to recognize the “look” of a hero. Beowulf came across as noble, not just some poser in a hero’s armor. The defeat of the monster and the way it was boasted about, is very pertinent to the poem. The poet makes it clear that Beowulf’s triumphs shape him as a character, and dedicates lots of time to having Beowulf gloat. The confidence of himself and his successes allow his fame to spread all around the country because the stories have been

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