The Breadwinner Argumentative Essay

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The Breadwinner Culminating Writing Assessment Imagine having to cut off all your hair and become a boy to help your family survive. Imagine having to leave your home to find your mother who is in the dangerous Taliban country. This is what Parvana had to do to persevere. Perseverance is steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty. In the book The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis, Parvana is the protagonist. She goes through many hardships to keep her family alive. Parvana has to persevere through all of the hardships that are thrown at her. First of all, Parvana also persevered to become a boy. As an example parvana had a very hard time to cut off her long silky hair. But parvana preserved and finally became a boy to help her family survive through the long and treacherous time of the control of the Taliban. The text states, “‘You’re not cutting my hair!’ Parvana hands flew up to her head.” As another example the text states, “Paran realized Mrs. Weera was right . they could hold her down and cut off her hair but for anymore they needed her cooperation. In the end, it was her decision.” This shows that Parvana is persevering through this action because she is does not want to become a boy and not even to mention cutting off her hair. But Parvanna fathoms that she needs to do it for her…show more content…
This is proven in the text when it states, “‘I’m not sure this is a good idea,’ Parvana said to Shauzia the next morning……….Getting left behind did not sound so terrible to Parvana, but with a quick look across the market to the painted in window with her secret friend, she obediently fell in behind Shauzia.” This evidence shows that even though Parvana didn’t want to dig up bones, she persevered anyway and did it to make more money for her family. Parvana decided that her family was more important than her feelings about bone
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