The Breakfast Club: Communication Theory: Movie Review

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Claire Standish “The Princess”; Brian Johnson “The Brain”; Andrew Clark “The Athlete”; John Bender “The Criminal” and Allison Reynolds “The Basket Case” were shown entering fictional Shermer High School on a Saturday for detention. During their eight-hour detention period, the students were not allowed to do anything besides describing themselves in a 1000 words essay as assigned by Mr. Vernon, the school’s disciplinary principal. While Mr. Vernon was away, John unscrewed the door of the library which made it impossible for him to supervise from his office. The students could then tease, sleep and even argue. They planned to ditch detention after lunch time but failed. John sacrificed getting caught so the rest could get away. Later when John sneaked back into the library, the five students engaged in variety of mischief: they danced, smoked marijuana and more. Gradually they found themselves in disclosure. Despite coming from different cliques, they realized that each of them has personal issues and family problems. Their perspectives and attitudes changed completely. In the end, Brian represented the five in writing the essay signed “The Breakfast Club”.
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Communication Theory in the Movie The Breakfast Club: Social Penetration Theory
Throughout the entire movie, many theories were implied from the simplest dialogue and action. However, the main theory that was identified Social
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