The Breakfast Club Essay

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The breakfast club movie was about this group of five adolescents who had nothing in common who spends a Saturday detention together in their high school library. They were all stereotyped of high school cliques who poured their hearts out to each other and discover how they have a lot in common than they thought. The main characters of the breakfast club were; John bender ( the criminal), Allison Reynold (the basket case), Claire Standish ( the princess), Brian Johnson ( the brain), Andrew Clarke ( the jock) and principal Richard Vernon.
In light of this movie, Brian was the brain, the nerd and the peace keeper. One would say he always follows the rules. For Brian, getting excellent grades is a must. To his peers he is perfectly content
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She lacked confidence, she appears unkempt throughout the film, she tends to lie, but it seems like its done in order to prevent people from getting to know her true self. She tried to impress people with outrageous sex stories, she seems to be lost and isn't quite sure how to connect with people. She has no friends and has parents that ignores her so she has no chances to encounter genuine closeness. Because of her environment she steals, makes scenes and seek attention. Allison also has an unstable home life; one she would be quick to abandon. She doesn't seem to have many friends or anything going outside school because the reason she was in detention was that she had nothing better to do so she was just there to be there. According Marcia’s theory Allison is facing identity diffusion because she has no real choice in her life about her identity. She is not expected by her parents for anything and does not seems to have to make a choice at all. This movie is a coming of age movie and it still reflects adolescence in today’s society. The breakfast club continues to school individuals on who we think teenagers are amongst their peers. Furthermore, the movie depicts the struggles of teenagers back then and today and their experiences. This film also was able to reflect teenager’s generation gaps and draws all aspects of high school stereotypes. One thinks, that this movie is iconic toward the present issues teenagers faces in school in regards to gender differences, identity crisis and
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