Reaction Paper About The Breakfast Club

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I chose The Breakfast Club because it is a classic movie that I never get tired of. This movie deals with five students in high school who are all in a Saturday detention. The faculty member is cruel to them and they just try to have fun while serving detention for eight hours on a Saturday. They do not know each other, but by the time detention is over, they all leave knowing that they are not like their parents. This movie has six main characters, all of who are either in high school or teach in school. Richard Vern (played by Paul Gleason) is a male teacher who is in charge of detention. The other five characters/students would be Claire, Andrew, Bender, Brian, and Allison. These students met in detention. They do not know each other but know of each other. There are only two main females in the movie and one of them barely talks in the beginning. I think they get overshadowed a lot just because they are female. It seems like the opinions of males are valued more than the opinions of the females. Since the characters are mainly students, the only occupation, they have is being a student. These adolescents are in high school and are required to get an education. Receiving an education is what teenagers are taught to do. The other main character, Richard Vern, has the occupation…show more content…
This movie is played by all white people and no other race or ethnicities. I don’t know why race/ethnicity is ignored. The movie was said to be in Shermer, Illinois. The town could be predominantly white, but we, as the audience, don’t really know. Certain stereotypes are portrayed as ignorant in this movie. Since Andrew is a jock, Bender assumed that he would be “dumb and stupid”. Brian is assumed to be a “brainiac” because he gets all A’s. Claire is labeled as the “rich-popular girl”. The stereotypes I just listed were all challenged. They all proved that there is more to them than meets the
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