80's Movie Analysis

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That’s what I call the 80’s The breakfast club came out in 1985; a movie about 5 different kids that end up in Saturday detention together and have to spend the day locked up in a library. It’s written by the infamous John Hughes, who also directs the much talked about movie. His cast of choice was no less but the most famous young people in Hollywood. To fill his library of trouble makers he looked to the people who were the best of the best. Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Anthony Michael Hall and Emilio Estevez. All young stars that where at the top of their game. Ally plays the basket case, Allison Reynolds. Allison is that girl that never fit in, she isn’t like all the other kids so they avoid her. As for Molly Ringwald her character…show more content…
The breakfast club is about more than just a school it’s about feelings that all teenagers can relate to. (Hughes, 1985) The 1980’s, America is rising from the ashes of the economic problems of the 1970’and into a golden age of big hair, shoulder pads and Ronald Reagan. (Troy, 2009). Everything was new and exciting, cable television networks emerged and channels like MTV went on air, it gave teens a closer look into glamorous life of the young and famous. (history.com, 2011) Having that insight into the celebrity life was where their fashion inspiration usually came from, they wanted to look like their favorite star and looked up to fashion forward celebs like Madonna.(Dudbridge nd) The fashion in the breakfast club seems to focus more on making it clear what social group the kids belong to instead of copying a pop star, for example there is Andrew, the jock that is dressed in his blue jeans and sports shirt a total opposite to Judd Nelson’s character John bender that wears slouchy pants, a flannel and a jean jacket. The outfits all scream eighties though with the blue jeans and knee high boots; they’re just all from different parts of the teenage culture of the time, which separates them even
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