The Breakfast Club: Movie Review: The Breakfast Club

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The Title of the movie that I have chosen is The Breakfast Club. Appearing on screen in 1985 it has become one of the decade defining films for young people in the 1980 's. Throughout the film there are five lead characters that share the spot light not just one. Claire Standish the princess, John Bender the criminal, Allison Reynolds the basket case, Andrew Clark the athlete and Brian Johnson the brain. Each one of the characters represents the clique that they come from whether that be the jocks or the burnouts. All of the students are within high school range and look at each other as if there were not even from the same species. The films disruption is these students must do an all day detention on Saturday. They are taken out of their normal lives where they might be sleeping in on a Saturday and thinking about doing something with their friends. It takes them to a familiar setting they spend five days a week in and makes the characters spend time with others they would almost never spend time with. From the moment the students arrive at school the audience learns a bit about the situation of each character. Andrew Clark the athlete gets dropped off by his father where he tells him that he needs to watch out because he could mess up his chances to go to collage and play sports. Allison Reynolds the basket case gets dropped off by his parents when she gets out they drive off without saying a word. Once inside the library, the place they will
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