Pecola And Claudia Character Analysis

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Also, researcher found that the environment and the society that pecola and Claudia live in has an effect on them in the future “The society and culture in which one grows up influence everything from developmental milestones and parenting styles to what kinds of hardship one is more likely to face.”( Boundless), “Children who experience the security of loving parents and have strong attachments to their parents are better able to reach out to relate with others.”(Seefeldt). First, both Pecola and Claudia live in the same city where African-Americans have considerably meager accommodations. Claudia describes her house as, “… old, cold, and green. At night a kerosene lamp lights one large room. The others are braced in darkness, peopled by roaches and mice” (Toni 10). The poor outside of Claudia’s house was balanced with the positive events and memories that took place in it for example when Claudia was sick she feels her mother's hands rested on her forehead to…show more content…
Only a toilet bowl, inaccessible to the eye, if not the ear, of the tenants” (Toni 34-35). This house has no positive experiences for Pecola. Her days are filled with witnessing domestic violence and the habitual drunkenness of her father. The sense of bleakness and hopelessness of this house is best described by the fact that “the only living thing in the Breedloves’ house was the coal stove, which lived independently of everything and everybody” (37).
When you live with a family that think you are ugly and told you every day that you are not beautiful. When you see, your parents fight always and you cannot do anything, also if you exposed to domestic violence, and no one take care of you this is a bad environment to live in. pecola lived in that kind of environment and she get mad at the end because of her family, “An experience of violence can lead to lasting physical, mental, and emotional harm, whether the child is a direct victim or a witness.”
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