The Brew: A Short Story

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" Hey Mona?" I said, sipping a black medium coffee from The Brew. " Yeah?" She spoke, eating a mint macaroon at the same time. " How long till we kill him?" I asked, wanting to get him out of the way. " He 's just so naïve and it just kills me just looking at his poor, innocent-looking face." " Soon Spencer. He needs to trust you before we take the next step. Also, on Homecoming day, you and me are going to attend." Mona spoke, breezing through each word like rain trickling down on a window sill at night. " Wait, didn 't you say we weren 't attending last night?" I asked, feeling very confused. " We are attending, just not as guests." Mona vaguely said, leaving me still very confused about whether or not we were actually attending Homecoming or not.…show more content…
" What do you mean not as guests?" " I mean we are attending as spies, you idiot!" Mona lashed out at me, which resulted in me coughing from gulping my black coffee too quickly. " Sorry." She sincerely apologised, pausing to rub my arm before speaking again. " We are attending Homecoming to spy on those stupid idiots over there." She then proceeded to point at Ali, Aria, Emily and Hanna who were currently eating strawberry ice-cream together whilst gossiping about the boys in this town. " So, what do I need to bring?" " Just wear something you can cover up and hide in, Lucas has everything we need." Mona answered, sipping her medium white chocolate frappé as well. " Okay. I need to go, I 've got assignment results in Mr Fitz class and you know how much an A+ makes me really happy, so bye!" I quickly said to Mona before heading out the secret exit, walking back to school and passing people through the hallway before I finally reached A.P English with 5 Minutes to
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