The Bride Comes To Yellow Sky Analysis

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“The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky” by Stephen Crane is a short story about Jack Potter, the town marshal, who finds a bride in San Antonio and is very nervous to bring her back to his hometown of Yellow Sky. Along the way, Potter runs into a minor issue with the antagonist of the story, Scratchy Wilson, though it is not long before the issue is resolved. Readers may find that they do not enjoy the story due to the awkwardness between Potter and his bride, the use of over describing the minor details, the lack of action involved, and the overall character of Scratchy Wilson. The first reason the story is dislikable is due to the awkwardness of the main characters. When Potter and his newly wed bride are on the train, they put out an awkward feeling almost as if they do not know each other very well. Potter is overly concerned with what the people of Yellow Sky are going to think about his decision of marry this woman on short notice and that seems to create some sort of tension. It is noticeable that the couple appears to be happy with each other, but the tension causes their conversations to be a little forced, like they are just making small talk to pass the time. When they finally arrive to…show more content…
He is the town drunk that none of the other characters in the story appear to care for. He is constantly prowling around for trouble anytime that he gets drunk. “He’s out to shoot, and he’s out for trouble.” (304). The only person who is able and willing to put him in his place is Potter, who will go out and fight the trouble causer anytime Scratchy is on one of his rampages. It seems that Scratchy is able to get away with just about anything in this town. The people of Yellow Sky are so used to his drama, they just see it is as a normal occurrence. His character does not seem to have very much importance to the story other than his encounter with Mr. and Mrs.
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