The Brmuda Triangle: The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle

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Technology is developing day by day, but the universe is filled up with many enigmas which humans guess. There are also many mysteries which are not known yet such as Bermuda triangle. Scientists are working on how to solve this mystery
Bermuda Triangle is named based on Bermuda islands that include three hundred other islands
For the past 70 years more than 100 ships and planes and 1000 people were disappeared in without a trial in an area of the western Atlantic between Bermuda and Florida
Bermuda triangle is also known as hoodoo sea , the graveyard of Atlantic and the devil triangle but the most popular name for it is the Bermuda triangle (Brmuda triangle )
Bermuda triangle consist of three imaginary sides , each side is 1500 kilometer it’s area reaches up to 1.1 million kilometer square and it is located in the Atlantic ocean roughly bounded by Florida , Bermuda and Puerto Rico (Anonymous)
On the fifth of December in 1945 with world war II over , 5 planes with 27 service men known as flight 19 were in a peaceful mission on a day in a routine training that will take them over Bermuda triangle , they seemingly disappeared with a trace .Sadly neither they or the searching plane for them (martin mariner ) returned back . This story became a big new and it remains one of the biggest mystery of the that area .
That flight was supposed to take 2 and a half hours , but something goes horribly wrong happened after 90 minutes from the flight started , the captain

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